Alchemist to the emotionally rich and uniquely famous.
Melissa is a social activist, social entrepreneur and human engineer.

The cancer diagnosis of November 2014 was when Melissa arrived at the foot of her wisdom. The very beginning of her wise self. 

Twenty five years in leadership, education and performing arts readied her to manage the cancer experience with humility, humour and an unrivalled level of social and emotional intelligence. Melissa's approach to the cancer experience and a person's quality of life has never been seen before.
Who is Melissa?
I would tell you to you to change the behaviours that are destroying your relationship with yourself and others, and turn new habits into rituals that make your heart beat faster and make you smile. If you don’t stand up, you are letting yourself down and it is in the standing up that you will behave confidently. The voice is the greatest pathway to confidence.
Depression, anxiety, overwhelm and a stressful cancer experience was not an option for Melissa during cancer.

Melissa’s response to cancer has come in the form of a social movement that goes beyond the cancer war. Founded and led by Melissa, Cancer Confidence is the future of emotional management and the cancer experience
An Italian-Australian, Melissa’s been told she’s ‘too confident, too loud, too emotional, too intense, too passionate, too driven’ - like it’s a bad thing. She finally found ways to channel that level of passion and drive into social pursuits requiring an unconditional and unrelenting powersource. Her early pursuits include disarming workplace drama, elevating young dancers and standing with the LGBTQI community.
91% of women hate their bodies.

A proud size 14-16, she rocks out every single curve on the dancefloor, on stage and in the buff. Confidence is a spectrum that spans 10 layers from self-worth to self-actualisation and is known as The Path to Self Fulfilment.

As we continue to believe that our worth (and confidence) is found in losing weight or buying a new dress or when we are successful, we will continue to believe that we are worthy and confident if we are something else. 

Melissa’s philosophy is that confidence isn’t a destination and doesn’t need to be found. It can’t be built and you can’t acquire it from the approval of others. Confidence is a behaviour that can be learned.
Melissa rose to self-awareness during the self-help epidemic of 2008. She rode the wave attending numerous weekend retreats and conferences searching for 'the secret' to the meaning of life. Her 'why' her 'purpose' and how to ‘live the life of her dreams’ all the while seeking 'financial freedom.' The information was the all the same regurgitated within an inch of itself and cleverly wrapped in a $10,000 price tag. It all sounded like this: "Face your fears and you can do anything."

Frustrated with the 'hoo-ha' Melissa buried herself into learning about personal and professional development systems that is based on fact rather than fiction and her approach is only for visionary realists. You can have a dream, but only if you aren’t lying to yourself.
Melissa's first book is less about her story and more about how to make your own experience a memorable and peaceful one.
Let’s talk about… Leadership, Relationships, Parenting, Human Behaviour, Positive Psychology and how to be a really awesome human being. 
Cancer Confidence is the solution to the social, emotional and relationship problems that come with the cancer experience. 
Melissa would love to hear what you have to say., she only bites internet trolls, bullies and narcissists. It takes a minute and you never know what could grow from an email hello.
On mindset, mung beans and praying to pink unicorns.
Melissa began to shape the Cancer Confidence initiative when the standard information available made her feel more depressed than the cancer itself. Negative and militaristic language washed down with a ‘go team’ cheerleader vibe is as nauseating as the affirmation avalanche that lands in the conversation from the self-rated self-aware people in the circle.

The soured skeptical tone of Melissa’s perception of the cancer process will only make sense to those who experience quite exactly what she is talking about. “Pink Love” and “Warrior Journeys” that is reserved for those people diagnosed with cancer, because those people apparently (without any help from chemotherapy and radiation and medical science) were able to survive the cancer.

She is not suggesting that mindset, mung beans and praying to unicorns doesn’t help. On the contrary, mind health, language and value making are at the centre of her work. She is suggesting that the “Superherodom” is about how a person's manages themselves, their emotions and is less about the battle. In fact, if you take traditional superheros like Superman or Wonder Woman, there is never a doubt if they will ‘win’ or not. It’s just a given. They don’t have to go on and on about it and they certainly don’t have to ‘fight to survive.’
“Everything got clearer. The noise was gone.”
Extended DISC
If you really want to get to the core of how to get the people in your business working at least 50% more productively, learn about their natural and non-natural behavioural styles. It's like have a cheat sheet when you are setting KPI's and outcomes.
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Just like organic food, Melissa is certified. Certified and qualified means that you can trust that your coach meets the highest quality standards. The International Coach Federation is the governing body for all great coaches. 
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In coaching you can be accredited or a Professional Certified Coach (That's what this badge is for) or you can become a Master Coach. Melissa is a Professional Certified Coach with more than 4000 hours logged. 
Radical Candor™
Melissa is a social entrepreneur hell-bent on changing the way people perceive cancer and the cancer experience.
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Alchemist to the emotionally rich and uniquely famous.
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